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Our metalworkers are able to work in a many kind of projects.

The main projects that we have worked are :


- Construction yards (shopping malls, nuclear power plants...)

- Shipyards (newbuilding and repairs)

- Tanks (oil tanks in the seaports etc.)

- Generator repairs is just a few examples.


Our workers must have :

- At least 5 years experience.

- Valid welding and or other certifications.

- Occupational safety card.

- Hot work certificate.

- Must pass our site test (just looking quality of the weld).

- Know the basics of the dye penetrant inspection.

- Good CV.

- Two supporters (from the past workplaces).

- Knowledge of english language (scandinavian and german laguage skills give a big plus).


For us keeping also our workers satisfied is very important.

And believe me, we know what we are talking about.

Satisfied worker is more productive.

Hiring workers from us gives more freedom from responsibility for you.

We take care of anything.


Shipbuilding and repairing is one of the main industries for us.

Many years in this industry sector has given us so much knowledge and experience.

Our shipbuilders/repairmens have worked in Finnish shipyards as a shipbuilders and mostly in the Norwegian shipyards as a repairmen.

So experience from the hard conditions is for sure.

Windy and cold winters have not stop these men to build one of the worlds most biggest seacruisers or repair a fishing boat.

One of the worlds biggest sea cruisers are made in Finland. Building a  ship in the very cold climate is not maybe the most attractive job you can imagine but somebody have to do also this.

Working in a extreme conditions (hot or cold) is a right job for our extreme workers.

These workers need :

- At least 3-5 years of experience.

- Valid licences etc.

- Two supporters.

- Good english skills.

- Good CV.

- Basics of welding inspection.

Supervisors, engineers and technicians


We offer also supervisors and inspectors to the industry.

Teaching welding is included on this sector too.

Supervisors use visual, dye penetrant and magnetic particle inspection.

We are upgrading our services to ultrasonic too on 2019.


Our engineers and technicians are mostly from civil contruction sector as well as infrastrucure.

There is also energy and water sector available now.


We use these workers under our British company Lumitec Inspections Limited but contacts can be made to Elite Industryservice Ltd.

Our supervisors have worked as an supervisor in a projects example in Pakistan and Bahamas etc.

If you need inspectors to do NDT inspections we recommend our British subsidiary company Lumitec Inspections Limited.

Do not hesitate to ask more.

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